dog handling

Senturian Security launched this service to complement our Manned Guarding operation in 2007 and since then the Dog Handling team have been responsible for protecting several sites throughout the Midlands.

We can provide one or more Handler and dog team as required at a range of sites and at events. A uniformed Handler and dog provide a highly visible deterrent to potential intruders or trouble makers.  The combination of security guards/dog handlers and security dogs is particularly effective for:
  • The patrol of areas with a restricted line-of-site e.g. large construction sites, warehouses and distribution sites and railway yards.
  • Areas that are too dangerous for security guards alone e.g. areas with gang related problems, underground car parks and areas of high crime.
  • The protection of persons, property and people under threat eg: rioting and criminal activity
  • Crowd control at events
All our dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by, scent, sight or sound, to protect their handler and by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression. When confronted with threatening behaviour they are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive to deal with the situation. We are a flexible team with staff and trained dogs to suit most lines of activity, wether events or building sites, even pubs and clubs can be accomadated with crowd control dogs alongside sniffer dogs too. As well as providing dogs and handlers for planned events we are able to provide mobile handlers in an emergency and last minute assistance at competitive prices.

Our handlers and dogs meet National Association of Security Dog Users ( NASDU) training standards, or (BIPDT ) and comply with BS 8517-1:2009 Part 1: Code of Practice for the use of General Purpose Security Dogs.

Senturian Security holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services and Door Supervision.

The use of Security Guard Dogs is one of the most effective solutions to protecting people, premises and property, offering a highly visible deterren
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