manned guarding

Senturian Security provides tailor – made manned guarding services to a broad range of clients throughout the Midlands  in the following sectors:
  • Commercial and Industrial Premises
  • Distribution Centres and Warehouses
  • Construction
  • Hotels

Our site-based Security Officers all possess SIA licenses and are rigorously vetted. We also offer our staff competitive rates of pay and benefits. Also our level of management support and development through our staff feedback and staff appraisal schemes enables us to recruit quality and motivated security officers.

The exact requirements and duties for Security Officers varies between the sectors so we carry out sector – specific Security Audit which is discussed with the Client and also takes into account Client – specific requirements. From this we agree detailed assignment instructions setting out the precise duties and responsibilities of the Security Officers on site. Officers then receive specific training on these requirements and if appropriate, fire safety and first aid training.

Guards are supported by a 24 hour control room, where required, lone worker devices, and mobile back up. Regular management visits are made to sites.
Where required we install patrol monitoring devises on the client's premises and periodic patrol print outs presented to the client.

When a contract commences we undertake regular site audits and welfare visits to service quality and hold formal monthly contract review meetings with the customer.

Why choose Static Guards?

In today's economic environment where theft and vandalism are becoming more commonplace, security risks to all businesses are increasing along with increasing insurance premiums. These risks include loss and damage to vital assets and could result in serious damage to the business due to loss of business continuity.

Offices, factories, warehouses and building sites are increasingly vulnerable, especially out of hours. Those that are in remote locations and have high value stock, materials or equipment are even more vulnerable.

Many businesses rely solely on alarms and CCTV to protect their premises and dismiss Guards to be too expensive. However the right complementary mixture of manpower, technology and procedures is a worthwhile investment.

Guards have some specific advantages over CCTV and alarms which should not be overlooked:-

Guards are able to see some areas that CCTV cannot. This is particularly true in a warehouse or factory environment where things are moved around and may sometimes be stored beyond camera range. Also people moving around continuously may hide some suspicious activity that CCTV cannot pick up.

Guards are able to use judgement. They are able to pick out situations and events that they feel are threatening or suspicious and take immediate action.

On site Guards are able to react quickly and effectively to intruder alarms and video surveillance alarms. The technology in this instance can only detect a security breach but do nothing about it.

The presence of Guards on a site is more likely to be a deterrent to intruders than CCTV and alarms.

Good trained and motivated Guards are able to provide flexibility and a variety of skills to meet a range of situations including unusual activity. Technology does not have this flexibility nor can it be proactive.

Therefore the use of Guards in addition to CCTV and alarms provides more in depth security and although it costs more, loss prevention, business continuity and reduced insurance premiums may outweigh the costs.

Senturian Security holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding services and Door Supervision.

The use of Security Guard Dogs is one of the most effective solutions to protecting people, premises and property, offering a highly visible deter
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